Using the very latest technology in Q-switched ND Yag lasers we reduce and remove unwanted tattoos with fantastic results. From partial tattoo removal prior to a cover-up or complete removal, we offer the latest top quality laser used by fully trained staff.
Laser Tattoo Removal
How does it work? When a tattoo is put into the skin the body attacks it and tries to break it down. The molecules of the ink are too large for the body to deal with so it leaves it there and puts collagen around it. That's how a tattoo stays in your skin. The laser breaks down the molecules, making them small enough for your body to get rid of them. We use the modern YAG laser, emitting light which certain ink colours absorb. The light enters at a speed that is too fast to heat the skin. This produces a shock wave effect breaking up the ink particles into tiny pieces. The body then recognises these alien bodies and removes them using its own natural repair system.
Colour Tattoo Removal
Most colours can be treated. White, yellow and other bright colours can prove difficult, but cover-up treatments can remedy this. If we are concerned about a certain colour we will tell you and carry out a test patch to check before proceeding. Laser treatment will only work on a certain amount of ink each time so several sessions could be required to work through the colours. The tattoo will fade after each treatment. The number of treatments required can depend on how quickly you heal, how deep the tattoo is in the skin, the type of ink used and other factors. Older and faded tattoos can be easier to remove.
Removal Time and Cost
Removal Time and Cost Each treatment will take between 10 and 20 mins with the feeling/pain tolerable, often described as being similar to an elastic band being snapped on the skin. Larger tattoos will need several sessions to avoid too much work on the same skin during one visit. We have a minimum charge of £30.00 per treatment. We will be happy to give you a price with no obligation after a visit to our studio and a consultation.
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